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[see-er] noun

1. a person who sees; observer.

2. a person who prophesies future events; prophet:

3. a person endowed with profound moral and spiritual insight or knowledge; a wise person or sage who possesses intuitive powers.

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Client Reviews

"David's experience and calm demeanor make him perfectly suited for a role advising within the highest ranks of any organization. His depth of knowledge related to business planning, entity strategy, and taxation is vast and will consider issues few other advisors will catch. David will always give it to you straight because his impeccable integrity requires nothing less.."

Ron T. - Director of Operations

"For more than twenty years David Michael has been a trusted advisor. He served in the roles of CPA, business strategist, board member, & trustee while guiding us through two generations of strategic business counsel and life planning.
Few if any professional advisors have had the depth of wisdom—financial, business and personal—that David has displayed over the years.  But more than that we have been impressed with David’s commitment on both a professional and personal level that he has shown in our family’s personal, financial and spiritual success.
In a time when most professional services are highly specialized and narrowly defined, it is a privilege to have a wise and committed strategic counselor like David to assist our family in both financial and personal strategic planning.  We are honored to have him in our corner as a trusted advisor and counselor and would recommend him to any executive, business or family office with a need for trusted counsel.

John W. - Founder & CEO

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